SpellGenius Testimonials

The Proof is in the Pudding

The Testimonials

They say that the proof is in the pudding. Here are some of the testimonials from parents whose children have attended Mathus Academy classes.


Shalini Lynch

Sacramento CA

"My daughter has participated in the SpellGenius program for 2 years. This comprehensive program includes online modules for 1:1 study, group instruction, and the opportunity to compete in online bees with spellers from all over the country. My daughter has participated in group classes for two years and we have utilized 1:1 coaches from time to time. The instructors and coaches are highly skilled and responsive. They do an excellent job helping spellers to develop an effective study approach and competition strategies. The weekly class group format is a great venue to train and interact with other spellers on themed content from the modules, and includes weekly assessment in spelling and vocabulary. Participating in the first ever national online bees (brainchild of the SpellGenius team) has been an excellent opportunity to gain competitive experience utilizing current technology. Over two years, my daughter’s abilities have grown by leaps and bounds. She is not only a good speller, but knows a lot about words in general. If I ask her how she can possibly know or remember some random fact about a word (beyond just spelling it), nine out of ten times, she’ll say it’s due to SpellGenius."


Chandana & Vasu Lakkimsetty

Tulsa OK

"Tulsa OK: We are highly impressed with Mathus Academy and SpellGenius. We frantically tried several tutoring centers in the past for Sai until we found Mathus Academy. Right from day one, everything about Mathus Academy's classes has been spot-on. Sai had very individualized attention from the instructors, could contact the instructors any time and get immediate help with his Math and Spelling preparation. We are witnessing exponential improvement in Sai's proficiency in Spelling and Math since Mathus Academy. The MathGenius and SpellGenius instructors are awesome. They are very dedicated and sincerely work for your child's success. SpellGenius instructor has coached Sai the right technique to master spelling which has immensely boosted his confidence at our Regionals. We were so delighted that Sai has won his first trip to Scripps National Spelling Bee this year with the help and support of his spelling instructor. Mr. Ram Yeleti of Mathus Academy goes above and beyond to ensure high quality instruction for the students. We plan to enroll Sai for their other classes at Mathus Academy as well in future. As parents, we are so blessed to have found an institution which cares more for our kid's learning and success than we do.”"


Leela Rao

Hinsdale IL

"SpellGenius and VocabGenius are excellent coaching programs. My daughter greatly benefitted from these programs. The sessions are very nicely planned. Her coaches did a wonderful job in training and mentoring her. Recommend this strongly to anyone who wants their kids to progress in their spelling journey!"


Indra Raman

Austin TX

"We wanted a structured program for our daughter's spelling journey, and we are so blessed to have found the Mathus Academy and SpellGenius. First of all, I have to start off by congratulating Ram for putting together the SpellGenius program, which meets the specific needs of serious parents who want to help their children reach their highest potential. Ram is always on the quest to continually improve the quality of every aspect of the program. He definitely listens, and absorbs the feedback in a constructive manner, making SpellGenius just not another me-too program for sure. It is the combination that impresses me. The intensity and quality of the curriculum, combined with the customizable and individual attention to ensure absorption for each kid. We are thoroughly impressed by the quality of SpellGenius coaches - their Scripps National Spelling toppers credentials speak for themselves. But for me, the surprising factor so far has been the values my daughter has picked up from her mentor. As a parent, it is never the goal for a child to just master spellings of words. I did not expect my daughter, being in just second grade, to so quickly observe the values emanated by her coach. The coach is thorough, hard-working, passionate and kind, and my daughter wants to live up to those values. They say in our culture it is truly god's grace to find the right teachers. Cause the skill we are practicing for is just an excuse, and teachers impart so much more by their mere presence. I am so happy that this program is so fulfilling for everyone involved, the teachers-the students-and personally for me as a parent."

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Get started with Spellgenius Today and have fun learning!