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The Science Behind Spelling and Vocab

Spelling and Vocab classes, designed and coached by Scripps National Champions and Finalists. Learn the science behind spelling and vocabulary with language of origins, roots,language rules and patterns, and free access to the world-class SpellGenius emodules.

Spelling Classes

Whether you are just starting your spelling journey or pivoting for the National Spelling top prize, SpellGenius has the right class for you. Originally designed by 2017 Champion Ananya Vinay and now expanded, tried, tested and fine-tuned by more champions and finalists, SpellGenius is the place you would like to groom your child’s spelling. SpellGenius offers classes at 5 appropriate levels from beginners at 1st grade all the way to those who want to win major spelling bees including Scripps National Spelling Bee: SpellGenius Junior, Rookie, Intermediate and Advanced and Elite. The courses cover the science behind spelling by languages of origin, rules and root words at appropriate level. Each week, the coaches will also quiz the students on words and will assign homework on SpellGenius eModules.

Spelling Private Coaching

The private one-on-one spelling coaching is customized coaching for serious spellers as well as young spellers who want personalized coaching by experienced and accomplished coaches.

Vocabulary Classes

Doing ok in spelling, but want to make a big jump on vocab? Join the first-ever dedicated vocab coaching in the industry to ace the vocabulary in the preliminary test as well as to nurture your writing. Coached by a legend in the spelling and vocab circuit, it will also build a solid foundation for SAT and ACT.