“The Science behind Spelling and Vocabulary”

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As a long-term student ​​​of Mathus Academy's Math classes, Ananya has always been a star student. Her transition from an unknown speller who ranked 172th in ​the ​2016 ​Scripps ​to the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion​, however,​​ took the spelling world by storm. It was an inspiration for a great collaboration that blossomed into the venerable institution that is SpellGenius today. With the help of Mathus Academy's vision and execution platform, Ananya designed SpellGenius and distilled the science of spelling into a comprehensive system of ​spelling program based on language lists, vocabulary, rules, and roots. SpellGenius was founded in 2017 ​with one coach and one class. Today, SpellGenius attracts best of the best retired spellers as coaches ​and continues to expand ​on its vision of a comprehensive solution ​to help young spellers on their journey into the world of words.​ SpellGenius ​is the pioneer of the now omni​-​present online spelling bee, which is an excellent practice for spellers at all levels. We are excited to take the SpellGenius ​franchise to the next level with the ​launch of affordable and effective eModules for spelling, vocab and root modules and VocabGenius coaching.

Our Philosophy

Science of Spelling and Vocab

Spelling bees need far beyond mere memorization. It requires a deep understanding of the basis for the sequence of letters, as well as the stories behind the words. Nearly every word has a reason for its spelling, and Spellgenius coaches try to teach students the why of words and inspire curiosity about language. Coaches teach language roots from languages like Latin to Afrikaans and let the spellers recognize patterns in unfamiliar words. Vocabulary and spelling lessons are blended into one comprehensive session with weekly quizzes and free access to e-modules.

Welcome to SpellGenius! SpellGenius is created by spellers for spellers. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced speller, we have something for you. Our coaches are previous champions and finalists of Scripps National Spelling Bee and other elite spelling competitions.

We offer multiple classes at various skill levels for your speller - Junior, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite. Classes meet once a week, and the content is customized to the speller's skill level. Classes cover spelling rules, language patterns, roots and vocabulary. Participants are also given custom lists that are tailored to the class content. We also offer custom lists for a monthly or yearly subscription. We also offer one-on-one customized Spelling coaching for those who prefer private classes.

For the students who would like specialized Vocabulary classes, we have specialized VocabGenius classes designed and taught by Navneeth Murali. In addition,SpellGenius pioneered the concept of online spelling bees. This is a great way for spellers at all levels to experience the spelling bee atmosphere multiple times throughout the year from the comfort of your home.

Get started with Spellgenius Today
and have fun learning!

Get started with Spellgenius Today and have fun learning!